Love Sacrament

Love Sacrament is an ongoing series of installations / performances that investigate the relationship dynamics between spirituality and sexuality in the context of our art practice.


We are a collaborative group of artists from Croatia, Germany, Macedonia and Switzerland, who are unified by our commitment to exploring cultural models that embrace these dynamics beyond their utopian potential.


We aim to create a framework that can allow an organic flow of various levels of communication between artist, art object and viewer. We want to encourage our audience to expand their awareness of "self" by questioning the location of "soul", and experiences of the body. This could be interpreted as a heightened sensitivity to sensory input within the gallery space.


As a consequence of this, the viewer, themself, can become another potential ‘medium', as they participate in the work's continual evolution. We consider this activity to be representational of current mutations of social sculpture.


An important objective is to be able to identify the pure energetic qualities at the core of these interactions, and to create a safe environment that is conducive to the viewer's willingness to trust, and be open to subtle experience on this level.


The work has emerged out of our perceived need to address the dilemma of contemporary soul, and its impact on the devaluation of sexuality. We believe the latter is in a state of crisis, because it is collectively misunderstood and misused. We are intentionally using our aesthetical approach to act as a springboard for confronting these problems, and for finding solutions through collaborative, creative activity.


Sexuality needs to be celebrated for its natural ability to transcend ‘normal' states of conciousness, and it's potential to benefit our psychical, physical and mental wellbeing. Through it's integration with spiritual principles, it can retain

it's integrity and sense of worth.


We would like this exhibition to tour as many different countries as possible, in order to reach diverse cultures and create an ongoing discourse that can benefit our audiences, and inform our work.


For the duration of each show, we have also scheduled concurrent workshops for the public. These will be documented by us, and this documentation will become part of the project's ongoing process.



February 2008, Zürich,

Maria Ursula Früh